Khamis, Julai 29, 2010

Darts Trivia (Bhg I)

Treble 91!
Bolehkah anda skor lebih dari 180 dengan hanya 3 batang dart?
Cuba pusingkan ruang 16 ke atas dan ianya akan menjadi 91.
91 x 3 x 3 = 819!


Purata kelajuan balingan dart ke dartboard adalah sekitar 40mph! (64km/h)


Selasa, Julai 27, 2010

Logo MDA?


Ini namanya "masuk air" @ bosan, maka terhasil lah logo MDA, yang ditiru bulat-bulat logo PDC. Saja suka-suka, takda sebarang makna atau maksud tersirat pon.

Erm, pasni nak tukar jadi MDF plak, MDJ pon cun gak kan? :-P

Iklan 2nd Pahang Open Darts Challenge 2010

Jumaat, Julai 23, 2010

Australian Open Countdown

With the Australian Open just weeks away, players from all over the world will be decending on Sydney shortly... One such player is The “Malay Magician”

Malay Magician, otherwise known as Amin Abdul Ghani will be attending this years Australian Open and DPA sanctioned events... "To participate in the Australian Players Championship and DPA Australian Grand Prix is a honour for me and my country Malaysia" commented Amin.

"Being a first timer in the professional scene, it gives me the excitement and valuable experience to excel further. I hope by contesting in such a magnitude event I will be able to explore new frontiers and building new networking for the same goal. “Bridging on Dart World”

Amin comes to Australia with wealth of experience.
Amin started throwing dart since 1985, winning a number of local tournament and has participated in major overseas event in the steel tip and soft tip such as in Hongkong, Shanghai, Philippines, Macau, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Holland, Australia and Chicago, USA.

Amin represented Malaysia in the following events
2004 - WDF Asia Pacific Cup, Singapore
2005 - WDF World Cup, Perth Australia
2006 - WDF Asia Pacific Cup, Malaysia - Bullshooter Asia II, Hong Kong
2007 - WDF World Cup, Holland - Bullshooter Asia III, Hong Kong
2008 - Bullshooter Asia IV, Macau
2009 - Bullshooter Asia V, Hong Kong - Bullshooter Chicago, USA
2010 - Bullshooter Asia VI, Yokohama, Japan

If there is only one Dart event you can make it to this year, Make it the PDC Australian Open, everything else is second best... THIS IS the Greatest Darts Show in Australia.

* courtesy of DartPlayers Australia

Selasa, Julai 20, 2010